The Cast of Error Level 3

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Our story is set... nowhere...
no really.. it isn't anywhere
but it's somewhere... just....
work with me ok? buildings trees
stuff. yaddayaddayadda..
you know!!!

A main Character, Eric is a twenty-something-or-other-but-not-19 guy.
He has no job, no car, no income, but mainly writes
music and paints pretty pictures when no one is
looking. He's odd and outgoing but reserved for
when ... stuff comes along..
His main indifference and wit keeps him from
loosing his mind and whacking all the characters.

A Main character, best friend to Eric, Magician,
Hacker, computer science college guy. He's strong,
secure, and knows whats what, he works at an unnamed
start up computer company as is help desk he makes
too much money and is single. Although he may have
a slight case of "air-headed-ness" he's just being
stupid silly. As that is what he likes to do.

Penguin, has nothing to do with linux,
i swear to god. He's evil, He's Polite, He's Sadistic,
he's Cute, he's loving, he's a big biznatch, he's
eric's pet. (and has a mean streak with Windows etc.etc.)
The full depths of Apten being evil are unknown (beyond
eating a small pussy cat).

Computerphile, he's good with computers, he plays
video games a lot.. uhm... oh yeah. he drives and was
recently fired from his job working as a assistant
network administrator.But thats ok, we love him anyway,
He spends most of this time driving in his indestructible
Jetta and playing Diablo II *shameless plug*

A Giant Refridgerator made by GM (gangsta mothas..)
He's a nice guy, always serving schmaltz or what not
He keeps to himself unless he wants some ho's or what
not.. etc. etc.etc.